How to Check the Accuracy of CPA Email List you have Bought from List Vendor?

Finding an accurate, trustworthy, and cost-effective CPA email list for your B2B Sales and Marketing can be a tricky game. Although buying or renting a third-party email list is one of the most prevalent ways to acquire clients and grow in-house email lists but where do you begin from?


How will you check the accuracy of the CPA contact list? What methods can you adopt to acquire an accurate accountant email list? Asking these questions to yourself and researching them will save you from getting an inaccurate CPA email login list that could result in poor results, spam complaints, wasted time and money, and bad public relations.

Therefore, in this article, we're going to share some of the best tactics that you can use to avoid bad email lists or, to be precise, CPA email addresses.


  • How to select the best email List vendor?
  • Top tactics to avoid Inaccurate CPA email list
  • What can you do to increase the accuracy of your CPA email lists?
  • Generate more sales lead with the CPA Email Database

How to select the best email list vendor?

The road to getting a verified and accurate email list starts with selecting the best email list vendor. Without a reliable and trustworthy data provider, the risk of getting a faulty email list increases drastically. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, you must first do some research on the data providers. Since this is the age of the Internet, you probably be doing the research on the Internet, which makes you more vulnerable to scams. If you search on any search engine "buy email list," you'll probably get some dubious and suspicious sites that will offer you "free email list" or "cheap email list." As a result, It is important to differentiate between reliable and sketchy data providers.

If you want to buy a CPA mailing list, then you should look for the best data providers available in the market.

Top tactics to avoid inaccurate CPA email list

The most dreadful feeling you can have after purchasing a CPA email marketing list is when you invest your money on the list, but the desired result is not even close to the minimum. That is why we have given importance on the selection of the data vendors. Although you may require some additional tactics to avoid such potential risks, it is always important to start strongly.

However, now that you know the importance of selecting a good data vendor, let's get into the additional steps that you must take to have an accurate accounting mailing list.

Check whether the contacts are opt-in

If you want to avoid getting cold contacts or fill up contacts, make sure you buy a CPA list of members that has 100% opt-in contacts, which not many email vendors can provide. The key to a triumphant email campaign is to create engagement with your email list, and if your email list of accountants can not offer you such benefits, then refrain from buying it.

Customizable CPA lists

Check if the CPA emails list is flexible enough to let you choose based on area, title, firm size (e.g., income or number of employees), industry, etc. This is important regarding the fact that your marketing will be more targeted than traditional marketing.

Privacy compliant accounting mailing list

This will weed out the fraud email data providers that you may encounter in searching for the right one. The accountants mailing list that you purchased or about to purchase, is it privacy compliant? Does it comply with the data security rules such as CAN-SPAM, GDPR, CCPA, and CASL? If yes, then you're good to buy that accountants email list. This ensures that the list is legal and gives you a hassle-free experience.

The data quality

What is the maximum bounce rate before an address is removed from the list? Are the contacts outdated? You must make sure that the accounting email list that you purchased is real-time updated and verify the turnover rate.

No reselling

To gain the maximum benefits of your CPA list, ensure that the data provider doe not sell that list to another organization. When a vendor resells an email list, its effectiveness is reduced by half, which results in low engagement. Therefore, to check the accuracy of your accountants database, make sure that the list is exclusive only to you.

If you have all these steps ticked off from your checklist, then you have an accurate CPA email list; however, if not, then adhere to these tactics to check the accuracy of your CPA email list to have maximum benefits.

What can you do to increase the accuracy of your CPA email lists?

There are a number of methods you can adopt to increase the rate of accuracy of the CPA email list that you have bought from a list vendor. Our of which –

Method no. 1 - Remove non-existent and inactive contacts from your list of CPA.

One thing that you would not like in your CPA email list is the existence of inactive contacts. Many a time, what list vendors do to earn a profit is that they include fake contacts just to fill up the email list. Which drastically decreases the accuracy of the CPA email marketing list. As a result, selecting the correct list vendor is critical.

Method no. 2 - Create re-engagement initiatives for inactive members in order to pique their interest in your cause once more.

Inactive accounts do not necessarily mean 'proxy account.' It could mean that the initiatives that you were taking up until now to engage with them aren't really interesting to pique their interests. Therefore, next time when you try to engage with them, take a note of their psychographic behaviors to tailor it down.

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Method no.3 - Let them go if they want to leave.

It is very important for an email list owner to know when to say "goodbye," which means that if specific contacts do not wish to participate in your issue, let them go and manually unsubscribe them. With this, you can maintain mutual respect that will help in the long run.

However, do not rush things. If a person is inactive for a moment, then that doesn't mean that the account is inactive. Be patient with your subscribers and use the right tool to monitor their behavior. With the right methods in your hand, your CPA contact list is bound to deliver excellent results.

Generate more sales lead with the CPA email database

What does an email list help you achieve?

In simple words, it helps you achieve sales-ready leads. An accurate email list comes with a verified database of real estate agents, which is extremely important in generating sales leads. If we look into the various tactics for generating sales leads, we can see that an email list can be of great importance. To be precise, you can strategize various tactics such as identifying your target audience and personalized communications to generate sales leads; however, with accurate CPA email lists, it can be done more effectively. Hence it can be said that an email list is a go-to tool for generating sales leads as well as sales-ready leads.

How does an email list provide sales-ready leads?

An email list from a reputed data provider is triple verified and authentically filtered. It provides 100% opt-in contacts that are relevant to your specific email marketing campaign. A verified data provider will provide you customization according to which you can select your contacts based on job titles or geo-specific. This allows you to have a list of people in your email list that shares similar interests as you, and when people of the same interests meet, there is bound to be some sort of engagement, generating qualified sales leads.


To make sure that you avail all the benefits of the CPA email marketing list, ensure that you follow all the above-mentioned tactics. From selecting the best data provider to enquire about the list, is all part of a strategy to check the accuracy of an accountant email list before purchasing. A list of CPA can be very beneficial for you, out of which-

  • Building your own email list
  • Cost-effective
  • Personalized emails
  • Better engagements
  • Increase in Roi

-are the most notable ones.

In a nutshell, If you want to acquire an accurate email list of CPA, you must contact reputable data providers for the best services. They give a verified and dependable email list compiled from credible sources, as well as security guarantees to ensure that your purchase is safe.


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