Midjourney: A Comprehensive Overview of Key Statistics and Data 2023

Midjourney is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to create artwork based on human text input. It was created by a San Francisco-based independent research lab Midjourney, Inc, and is set to ‘explore new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.’

After the massive popularity of Dall-E 2, an AI program developed by OpenAI, a number of other AI programs have emerged with the aim of transforming ordinary individuals into skilled artists reminiscent of Picasso. In 2022 Midjourney made headlines with some of the most realistic artwork, especially an image generated by Jason Allen, Théâtre D’opéra Spatial. The image even won a digital art prize at the Colorado State Fair last year, prompting a bitter backlash on social media over a perceived “death” of the artist.

Midjourney. Inc is currently the most popular AI art tool of its kind based on public interest and usage. The Discord server currently has 14, 014,246 members, nearing towards a milestone of 15 million users as of march 2023.

What is midjourney and how does it work?

Midjourney is among the latest wave of AI-based image generators to surface recently, with its own unique style in contrast to competitors like Dall-E 2. Midjourney offers a more dream-like arty style to your requests. Where other AI generators lean more toward photos, Midjourney is more of a painting tool.

Users can use words to describe what they would like Midjourney to create for them, and the AI will then create sample images. This process is commonly referred to as “text-to-image” AI art, and the descriptions used for these commands are called “text prompts.”

People can access Midjourney through the Discord server bot, and users can interact with the bot via various different Midjourney commands that are sent via Discord’s chat input field.

10 most used prompts in midjourney

Midjourney creates sharp, detailed, and coherent images even with very simple prompts. This makes text-to-image art completely unnecessary. This can include:

1. “Exploded [subject] by Nychos”

Nychos is an illustrator, and urban artist recognized for his visually arresting cross-section and X-ray drawings, which frequently contain graphic elements.


Source: Midjourney

2. “[Subject] as [subject].”

This prompt allows users to create things or characters that would look like if they were something else.


Source: Midjourney

3. “[Intangible subject or concept]”

Users can also try blending general concepts, emotions, or character traits to create unique art.


Source: Midjourney

4. “16-bit [subject or scene].”

You’ll enjoy this one! It basically makes everything look as if it was made for a 16-bit graphics card.


Source: Midjourney

5. “Isometric [subject or scene].”

This prompt can help you make 2D illustrations appear like 3D objects.


Source: Midjourney

6. “[Subject 1], [subject 2], double exposure”

Double exposure is a technique that overlays two photographs with different exposure settings on top of one another. This works well in Midjourney for portrait + scene combinations.


Source: Midjourney

7. [Subject], symmetrical, flat icon design

This prompt generates a flat, square icon based on your subject. You can use it for your website, app or just have fun changing random objects.


Source: Midjourney

8. “[Any emoji or combination of emojis]”

Midjourney is remarkably adept at emoji interpretation. Mixing numerous emojis in unusual ways results in fantastic, often surprising pictures.


Source: Midjourney

9. “Layered paper [subject or scene]”

Ideal for achieving a traditional "arts and crafts" aesthetic. This prompt attempts to imitate the process of layering different paper forms to achieve a 3D "layered" look.


Source: Midjourney

10. “[Subject or scene], tilt-shift”

This allows users to change image position relative to the camera’s image sensor by tilting or shifting it.


Source: Midjourney

How much does midjourney cost?

Midjourney is free but only for your first 25 images. But you won’t stop at 25, do you? The Basic Membership monthly subscription lets you create up to 200 images at 10$ p/m. The Standard Membership subscription gives you unlimited creations if you work in “relaxed” mode. You can get results faster, but you are limited to 15 hours. The "Pro Plan" they call gives you unlimited relaxed generations and upto 30hrs of fast generations. It also offers stealth image generation, meaning you get a private corner for your work. Both these plans are priced at 30$ and 60$, respectively.


Source: Midjourney

They also offer a 20% discount if you opt for yearly billing instead of monthly. This is beneficial for existing customers.


Source: Midjourney

Here’s a comprehensive overview of Midjourney’s membership plans:

Contact Us for Marketing Campaigns

Midjourney’s traffic & trends

Estimating the actual traffic of a website is a challenging task, but with the various tools available to us today, we can make an educated estimation.

Midjourney’s popularity among its peers

Take a look at the image below

The graph indicates that the initial buzz around AI-generated art was sparked by the announcement of Writesonic in early Augest 2022, but the hype died down as people grew tired of waiting for the limited beta release. Meanwhile, although interest in Midjourney began to grow around the same time, it did not peak until early December 2022. While other competitors have also entered the market since then, Midjourney has managed to maintain its popularity and is currently one of the most widely used AI art tools available.


Source: Google Trends-

Midjourney has gained significant popularity since its launch in 2022. Many people are fascinated by its ability to generate high-quality images from textual prompts, and it has received widespread media attention. Its popularity can be seen in the number of users who have accessed the platform to create various kinds of images for commercial and personal use. Midjourney in Google Trends-

Showing interest over time, namely in the past 12 months

Midjourney’s website traffic

Take a look at the infographic below:

Midjourney Traffic share by country


List of Countries Midjourney is unavailable

  • Oman
  • Iran
  • Egypt
  • Mainland China
  • North Korea
  • UAE

  • midjourney-traffic-and-engagement-analysis

    Source: Based on Similarweb statistics

    According to SimilarWeb, Midjourney generates an average of 41.4 Million visits at around 6.25 page views per visit. If we talk about organic traffic, openai.com generates 88.8k clicks/month with a total traffic cost of around $ 23.1k. (This is based on US Traffic only)

    Midjourney's top keywords by traffic share

    Take a look at the below images of keywords by traffic:


    Source: According to Similarweb

    The top keywords for midjourney referral or paid traffic can vary depending on the industry, audience, and goals of a specific website. According to SimilarWeb, Highest traffic shared midjourney keyword was ranked at about 6.8 Million to an average ranking of about 90.5k. The organic traffic about 99.97% and also paid traffic was about 0.03%.

    Midjourney's referral traffic


    Source: According to Similarweb

    According to SimilarWeb, Computers Electronics and Technology drives 36.66% of overall referral traffic to websites. This indicates that Computers Electronics and Technology is a significant source of midjourney referral traffic. If you were wondering about paid traffic, It appears that Openai.com does not rely on paid services to generate traffic ( at least according to major sources).

    Midjourney’s united states traffic distribution


    Source: According to SE Ranking

    According to a SE Ranking, the starting of the organic traffic was about 487 in the year August 2022 and was rised 88,829 till April 2023 which can be referred above in the midjourney united states traffic distribution chart.

    Midjourney’s worldwide traffic distribution


    Source: According to SE Ranking

    According to a SE Ranking, the starting of the organic traffic was about 0 in the year July 2022 and was rised 408,148 till April 2023 which can be referred above in the midjourney united states traffic distribution chart.

    Midjourney’s audience demographics


    Source: Based on Similarweb statistics

    Audience composition can reveal a site's current market share across various audiences. midjourney.com's audience is 67.15% male and 32.85% female. The largest age group of visitors are 25 - 34 year olds

    Key Midjourney Stats in 2023

    • Midjourney's website attracts approximately 58,573,088 pageviews, with an average of 16.5 pageviews per visit.
    • Midjourney ai's traffic has increased by 16.94% compared to last month.
    • Midjourney receives roughly 3-4 million visitors per month.
    • Midjourney is ranked 1,822 among websites globally based on its 58,573,088 monthly web visitors.
    • Over 75% of all visitors to the site are male.
    • Over 60% of all visitors are 34 years old or younger and have an above-average interest in gaming topics.
    • The official Midjourney Twitter account has grown to over 225,000 followers.
    • Midjourney could generate around $1,000,000 – $1,750,000 in revenue each month.
    • Midjourney gets most of its social media traffic from Discord at 56.99% , followed by Youtube and Facebook at 31.44% and 2.98%, respectively.
    • Midjourney receives traffic from 347 referring website and sends traffics to a total of 31 websites.
    • The top traffic source to Midjourney is Direct traffic, driving 50.41% of desktop visits last month, and Organic Search is the 2nd with 38.52% of traffic.

    Sources: Similarweb, Twitter, google trends, curnchbase

    Midjourney usage stats

    Please note that the following figures regarding Midjourney's usage statistics are primarily based on our own calculations and may not be entirely accurate. However, we have made our best efforts to gather available information and believe that our estimates are reasonably close to the actual figures.

    Midjourney is growing remarkably. In late September 2022, it had an insane 2.7 million members, with 300,000 and 600,000 active online users. These figures are particularly noteworthy considering that Midjourney was only released in July 2022 and has quickly become the most popular AI generative tool, surpassing even DALLE-2.


    Source: Midjourney

    The growth rate of the Midjourney Discord server has continued to be impressive. As of March 2023, the server now boasts a staggering 14,014,246 members and is projected to reach 15 million by the end of this year. The growth rate is so absurd that you might see a different number by the time this blog goes online. That’s the kind of madness Midjourney is creating right now! Additionally, the number of active users on the platform has doubled, with an average of 1,000,000 to 1,020,000 people actively engaging at any given time.

    How many images does midjourney generate in a day?

    Estimating the number of images processed by the Midjourney Bot is challenging, especially since it can be added to private Discord servers. However, assuming that 90% of the activity happens on the official Discord server, we can make some observations. During off-peak hours, around 3-4 prompts are processed per minute, and there are approximately 90 newbie channels. During peak times, the activity is about twice as high, but these times only account for around 30% of the day. Based on this information, we can estimate that roughly 400 prompts are processed per minute and nearly 275,000 per day. While this might seem like a significant figure, it's worth noting that this translates to less than one request per active Discord user per day.


    Midjourney’s revenue in 2022-2023

    Midjourney hasn’t made its financial data available to the public, which makes it difficult to determine the exact amount. However, we can assume that Midjourney generates most of its revenue from advertising and paid subscriptions. Since the data to its financial data isn’t available, we can still make some calculations based only on its subscription.

    But how?

    Alright, let's take a look at Midjourney's revenue. Considering that the majority of users are likely to be using the platform for free, we can expect significant resource consumption and associated costs. However, we can estimate that about 10% of the average daily active users, which is around 1,00,000 individuals, are paying members.

    Now, let's break down the revenue generated by these paying members. Assuming that 70% of these individuals are on the Basic plan at $10 per month, we have 70,000 individuals generating $700,000 per month. Another 25% of paying members are on the Standard plan at $30 per month, which comes out to 25,000 individuals generating $750,000 per month. Finally, 5% of members pay around $60 per month, equivalent to 5,000 individuals generating $300,000 per month.

    Adding all these up, we get an estimated revenue of $1,750,000 per month, although we should note that this doesn't account for expenses. However, according to Co-Founder David Holz, the company is already profitable, suggesting that their actual revenue is likely in line with our estimation.


    So did you get everything you were looking for?

    Midjourney and other AI art generators that made headlines in 2022 have captured the attention of the world. However, as this software is still relatively new, there are limited statistics or figures available. But we've got you covered! With this blog, you can learn everything about Midjourney, including all relevant statistics and information, enabling you to create exciting content for your readers.


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