Top B2B Data Providers: A Comparative Review

Data is the energy that allows B2B enterprises' revenue engines to function properly, and the best B2B companies understand this very well. It is critical to the success of your brands. After all, business-to-business data is the foundation of your branding strategy. B2B brands are currently dealing with the issue of low ROI or bad campaign results. According to a recent Gartner study, poor data quality causes an average of $15 million in losses every year. LinkedIn also reported that at least 30% of all data decays each year. While there are several reasons for this, poor data is at the top of the list.


Thankfully, One way to deal with low-quality data is to invest in a B2B data provider that provides accurate, validated data and matches your ideal data partner profile. Partnering with a data provider also allows you to make the most of your investment dollars by leveraging your marketing intelligence to improve data integrity, increase marketing targeting accuracy, and complete deals faster. Often the best B2B data providers in the market are equipped with best-in-class Martech tools. They feed your lead-generating efforts with contact information from your target persona. However, not all B2B data providers are the same. It is your responsibility to identify the best among them in a market full of them.

But "how to identify a top B2B data provider?" If you're asking the same question! Don't worry. In this article, we will provide a list of the best data providers worldwide, comparing what makes them better than the others.

What is B2B data? an overview

"What is B2B Data?" A B2B (business-to-business) database is a collection of information about companies and the decision-makers within those companies. This information can include contact details, company size, industry, revenue, job titles, email addresses, phone numbers, technographic, and firmographics and more. B2B databases are typically used for sales and marketing efforts, such as email and direct mail campaigns, as well as for market research. They can also be used to identify and target potential partners or suppliers. It comprises anything that qualifies someone as an excellent sales lead and information you can use to reach them. Businesses use B2B data to better analyze their competitors, make better decisions, develop new business possibilities, and help their marketing and sales teams. Companies also use this high-quality data to improve lead generation, increase business opportunities, and do better market research, among other things.


Keep in mind that there are different types of B2B Data that B2B data providers mix to allow their partners to become acquainted with their prospect information prior to the first touchpoint.

Beyond contact, demographic, technographic, chronographic, and firmographic data, B2B data can be separated into the following categories:

1. Intent data

The most recent type of B2B data, Intent data, relates to prospects' online behavior while they browse the internet - what they're looking for, what information they're engaging with, and whether this suggests a purchase intent. It, like the other B2B data categories, is gathered from both public and private sources, mostly through the use of cookies to track web searches.

2. Quantitative data

This data type encompasses any item of information with a number value. It is best employed for statistical analysis. Quantitative data is classified into two types:

  • Discrete data - information with a fixed number.
  • Continuous data - information that changes over time..

Examples of Quantitative data in B2B include the number of employees employed by a company, the website's traffic or bounce rate, Email open or clickthrough rates, etc.

3. Fit data

This data type indicates whether a website user meets a specified set of criteria that would qualify them as valuable prospects. Data analytics solutions allow you to assess and examine the data trail left by all users (such as job titles, industry, and region) and score them.

4. Opportunity data

This sort of information, like fit data, focuses on spotting important occurrences that could lead to new business prospects. Promotions, product launches, funding, mergers, and acquisitions are just a few examples of when SDRs should make an offer.

How do you get B2B data?

There are several ways that you can gather and store B2B data; however, the most effective and convenient way is to get it from a B2B data provider. Now you'll ask, "what is a B2B data provider?". To put it simply, A B2B data provider is a third-party organization that delivers on-demand data solutions based on your company's needs. They build a data repository by collecting, storing, refining, and managing information. This repository helps your organization by offering high-quality and accurate business data to fuel your sales and marketing campaigns and, ultimately, business growth.

Why do businesses need B2B data providers?


Source: google

It shouldn't be a concern when you realize that with a B2B data supplier, you get access to extremely accurate, dependable, and full customer information without blowing up your budget. High-quality data enables you to make sound business decisions and gain important insights into your consumers and competition. Furthermore, you can use the data to plan your company's future growth. Here are some noteworthy advantages of working with a B2B data provider.

1. Customized data solutions

Every company has distinct business requirements. It is vital to ensure that the business data meets those requirements. B2B data providers understand your business demands and offer data solutions that meet them. You also have access to detailed information about your target clients and high-value accounts. These data insights aids in the optimization of your efforts and the improvement of campaign performance.

2. Data accuracy

Data decay refers to the degradation of a B2B database's accuracy as a result of outdated, incomplete, or incorrect information. Data decays at a rate of 30% every year on average. This degradation costs firms millions of dollars each year.

B2B data vendors are continuously concerned with data sanitation and proving its value through a variety of methods. Top-tier data suppliers even use real-world teams to ensure the availability of their contacts.

3. Data enrichment & cleansing

Data enrichment and cleansing are essential components of data services. They ensure that you always have reliable and certified data at your disposal. B2B data suppliers not only give cleansed business data, but they also assess its relevance, quality, and dependability. They also make certain that your existing data is enriched, making it useful for focused customer engagement.

4. Follow industry standards

Prospects want to know how other businesses will use their data and what benefits they may derive from it. Working with a professional B2B data provider can greatly assist with current rules around contact data and security.

5. Improve sales conversions number

Partnering up with a B2B data provider gives you access to B2B data that can help improve sales conversions by providing valuable insights into target customers and their buying behaviors. This can help sales teams tailor their approach and messaging to better align with the needs and preferences of their prospects, which can increase the chances of closing a sale. Additionally, B2B data can also be used to identify potential leads, allowing sales teams to focus their efforts on the most promising prospects.

How to find the best B2B data providers: best tips & tricks


Selecting the best data provider for your specific needs must adhere to only the best aspects, which we shall discuss right now.

The five most significant characteristics of B2B data providers are listed below to assist you in selecting the finest one for your organization.

1. Data accuracy

The first and most significant criterion for selecting a data supplier is its credibility and where its information comes from.

The risk of employing unverified data from an untrustworthy vendor is too high, and the consequences can be severe, ranging from a drop in sales and client loss to serious reputation damage. The most important factor in determining a data provider's dependability is data accuracy. The most trustworthy B2B data providers are completely transparent about their datasets, as well as the sources and methods of information collection. Hence, make sure to conduct your own research on the data providers that are on your radar.

2. Company insights

A successful business development strategy begins with the development of a "buyer's personal" that includes every critical element about your future consumers, such as their interests, pain issues, and hidden motivators. A reputable company data vendor will supply you with minute details on the most critical areas of a firm's operations. Comprehensive financial information, for example, could assist you in appropriately assessing a merger and acquisition agreement or other investment opportunities.

3. Customization possibilities

Each organization has distinct data goals and requirements, as well as distinct data management methods. That is why it is customary for reputable B2B data vendors to offer adaptable products - a large and detailed, highly customizable database. Check the product's options to ensure they are compatible with your requirements.

The more filtering criteria the database has available, such as location, SIC code, firm size, revenue, digital insights, and others, the more probable you'll be able to use that data in different ways.

4. Price


Of course, price is a major consideration for every business when making a final decision, but don't forget about total ROI and the relative value of achieving the previously outlined standards.

When negotiating the best price, keep in mind the goals that a specific product can help you achieve and evaluate it accordingly. It's typically more beneficial to spend a somewhat greater price for expanded capabilities and perspectives, so don't be too quick to judge by price.

5. Deliverability and accuracy guarantee

A high-quality and extensive database is a significant investment, and it is normal to want the data to be useful rather than wasting money on a meaningless set of numbers and letters. The final but not least aspect is that a reputable data source should have a guarantee that their product is accurate, increasing your chances of meeting your objectives.

Top 10 B2B data providers are listed below

Over the years, top data providers have assisted thousands of B2B firms in reaching their lead-generating objectives. With so many excellent options available, it is impossible to include them all. Nevertheless, the following database providers are well-established and have shown amazing performance.

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Here are some of the greatest B2B data providers on the market today:

1. InfoGlobalData


InfoGlobalData, a privately held company with over ten years of expertise and satellite sales offices across the country, has the proven capabilities to handle email and digital campaigns from start to finish. It is a major B2B data provider with an accuracy rate of more than 90% across all industries.

Why choose infoGlobaldata?

  • 40 Million + privacy compliant emails
  • Build a list of hard to find contact details with 300+ data team research service
  • 35+ advanced data attributes for customization
  • Data replacement policy in case of hard bounce
  • 90%+ email deliverability guarantee
  • No price-per-contact licensing charges
  • Global data coverage across 100+ nations

2. ZoomInfo


Source: ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a business-to-business data supplier with a separate platform for sales, marketing, people management, and operations. Together with DiscoverOrg, ZoomInfo has joined forces to provide the most actionable and accurate business analytics available today. The united firm now serves over 15,000 customers and 120,000 users.

Why choose zoominfo?

  • Zoominfo hosts 220M+ Professional Profiles and 100M+ Company profiles
  • It offers 150M+ email addresses from all industries
  • Contacts and communications directly synched to CRM
  • ZoomInfo's content profiles include certifications, employment history, online mentions, job duties, and social media profiles.

3. AverickMedia


Source: AverickMedia

AverickMedia is a full-service marketing communications firm that produces tangible results for a wide range of clients both nationally and internationally. It provides a database management system with insights into each campaign to deliver precise, fine-tuned, updated, and validated data on target consumers. The brand offers close data consultation services through its data solution professionals in order to perform customized email campaigns.

Why choose averickmedia?

  • 50M+ verfied, active B2B contacts and 10M+ Company profiles with 1 Million+ revenue
  • Along with quality data, AverickMedia also provides Account Profiling, Global Data Coverage, Targeted Prospect lists, Customer profiling, and more.
  • 90% guarantee on contact accuracy.
  • 7- step verified B2B Data.
  • Inbox Delivery Guaranteed emails for 100% Permission-based email marketing

4. Healthcare Mailing

Healthcare Mailing will help you connect with the Best Medical Professionals and generate healthcare sales leads. They have the largest verified and opt-in healthcare email database to ignite your sales cycle. You can obtain sophisticated data fields such as Specialty, Type of Practice, NPI numbers, License Type, and Geography. Healthcare Mailing guarantees 100% permission-based medical emails, healthcare professional email lists, and medical email addresses for healthcare marketing campaigns. They have over 985,724 doctor emails that are privacy compliant. If you want to increase the growth of the healthcare market lead, choose Healthcare Mailing's certified email list for medical professionals.

Why choose healthcare mailing?

  • More than 5 Million verified healthcare emails which are 100% Privacy Compliant
  • 90% accuracy rate.
  • DNC-Compliant Telemarketing Numbers
  • 100% Data Ownership - You Own the Data
  • Data replacement in case discrepancies
  • 12 months data usage rights.

5. DataAxle


Source: DataAxle

Data Axle is a sales intelligence platform that has a large contact database that can assist your sales team with lead generation, market research, and insight-driven interaction. It gives you access to a database of over 250 million fully cleansed, emailable B2B and B2C records that can be targeted based on hundreds of demographic and firmographic factors.

Why choose dataAxle?

  • DataAxle combines data, analytics, advice, and campaign execution to assist you in acquiring lucrative new clients on a continuous basis.
  • DataAxle hosts 20% of all Fortune 500 companies as customers
  • Refunds are available for any discrepancies in the database.
  • CCPA and GDPR compliant.

6. Lead411


Source: Lead411

Lead411's contact data includes verified direct dial phone numbers, emails, trigger notifications (such as employment changes, compliance needs, and changes in items or prices), and lead intelligence insights. It also provides Bombora Intent Data within its platform, allowing sales teams to identify firms and contacts who are actively looking for their products.

Why choose lead411?

  • Free 7-day trial with confirmed email addresses
  • The free version unlocks 50 B2B direct dials.
  • Custom lists can be created using marketing services.
  • The lead score identifies organizations that are rapidly expanding.

6. Lusha


Source: Lusha

Lusha enables business professionals to engage quickly and authentically with their leads, contacts, and applicants. Today, over 800,000 sales professionals, recruitment managers, and marketers use Lusha on a daily basis to alter the way they communicate with their leads, contacts, and applicants. With Lusha, the chances of converting increase 10x more.

Why choose lusha?

  • Free and premium packages
  • CRM-ready Files.
  • Global audience data

8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has changed the way over 500 million business people in over 200 countries communicate, making it a valuable resource for B2B firms. It may be difficult to get started with social selling, but it is vital to the success of any B2B organization today.

Why choose linkedIn sales navigator?

  • Individual, team and corporate memberships are available depending on your demands and team size.
  • You may narrow down millions of leads to the most qualified prospects for your company.
  • Analytics dashboard available.
  • Network of 800M+ members

9. Demandbase


Source: Demandbase

Demandbase provides access to global corporate data so that its partners can grow their businesses with trustworthy international leads. This data provider's main advantage is that it can also be used to clean and enrich the contacts you already have. Customers use InsideView to find more prospects that suit their ICP, discover new markets, and gain trustworthy data and business insights.

Why choose demandbase?

  • Account intelligence linked into the purchasing process
  • Cloud-based sales intelligence included.
  • SPAM interactions filter
  • Target account list calculator
  • Plug-and-play integrations

10. Bookyourdata is a game changer in the direct marketing industry. With their own contact list-builder tool, a first in the industry, you can filter, order, and download an email database with a few simple clicks and reach out to your targeted leads. They provide services at incredibly low prices and have the industry's best price-to-quality ratio. Customers typically use their mailing lists for a variety of direct marketing purposes. Their goal is to supply clean, highly qualified contact lists for which they collaborate with ISPs and ESPs to keep their email databases current.

Why choose bookyourdata?

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Expertise
  • Global Reach and Scalability.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Platform
  • Integration with Leading Marketing Technologies
  • Strong Industry Reputation and Awards
  • Proven Results and Customer Success
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Continuous Innovation and Product Development

Generate faster leads and win lucrative deals with the best B2B data providers

The B2B database market is brimming with viable solutions for businesses of all sizes and purposes. Having said that, some data providers continue to focus on assembling random contact lists without care or purpose to offer a big, glossy offering. Massive amounts of data do not always imply high-quality contacts, which have the potential to catapult a company to new heights. As a result, decision-makers should investigate the people behind the statistics and how much they care about their partner's success.


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