Event Data

Laser Targeted Marketing with Custom Data

Connect with the right audiences who match your business requirements with access to the event data. Get hold of different event data:

Access Data Covering 53% of Trade Shows

Reach 1.3M+ Product Launch Attendees

Gather your set of Audience based on Specific Events to suit your Needs

Connect with potential buyers who have been part of varied events globally that benefits your business. Incorporate our data that can be categorized or segmented according to different types f events happening around the world. Here are several different events that you will be able to customize:

Connecting with leads from renowned Virtual Conferences
Build customer relationship from the data of Product Launches
Enable communication with an audience who are part of Trade Shows
Access information of leads from Exhibitions

Human verified data for best in class accuracy


Data Collected from high-tech Virtual Conferences

Build a relationship with future buyers from data of virtual conferences that come into the picture of your marketing and sales modules. Our service supports your marketing campaign in terms of gathering full-fledged virtual conference data.

  • Webinars
  • Online Summit
  • Paid Attendance
  • Sponsored Virtual Events
  • Virtual Expo
  • Virtual Fairs

Bond with Prospects with Access to Trade Show Data

Find customers effortlessly from trade shows all around the world and reap benefits from making tremendous sales. Collaborating with us leaves your marketing cycle with more efficiency better results. Select the ways you can incorporate trade show data:

  • Publisher trade shows
  • Educational trade shows
  • Technology trade shows
  • Automotive trade shows
  • Manufacture trade shows
  • Healthcare trade shows

Customer Success Stories

The event data from InfoGlobalData assist you to connect with the most potential leads for your business. It enables you to yield optimum results from your marketing aspects.

There is no fixed price for email lists. It varies based on the purchase.

The information of your potential prospects like name, email address, phone number, and many more to are included in the event data.

Yes, once it is delivered to you, you can use it immediately.

Based on your requirement, we develop the event data in various formats like MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, etc.

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