Firmographic Data

Launch market-friendly campaigns with Firmographic Data

‚ÄčEnable B2B marketing through a well- structured dataset according to Firmographic. Access the Firmographic data like:
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17M+ Companies in 157 Countries

43+ Company Data Attributes

Align your marketing campaigns assisted by Firmographic Customization Parameters

Allocate campaigns integrated with the data that is customized with firmographics to suit your business requirements. Do not knock out the leads who are likely to be your most sought future customers by narrowing them down with varied firmographics. Our service enables you with expanded networking ability in the industry.

Launch geo-based campaigns with easy access through our data customized by location
Target the companies by analyzing the revenue through accessing our data
Choose firms that buy your product or services

Human verified data for best in class accuracy

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Filter the Companies Based on Revenue

Choose your targeted audiences from various companies based on the annual turnover of the company. Analyzing the company's revenue enables you to decide whether the company can buy the products or services you are going to offer. Leveraging the data segmented based on revenue of the company assist you in targeting companies like:

  • Small Scale
  • Medium Scale
  • Large scale
  • Startups
  • Multinational Companies
  • Franchise

Select Audience Based on Location

Narrow down your set of audiences based on the locations they run business in. Our data can support your geo-based campaigns, by assisting you to communicate with a niche in preferred locations. Skip the struggles of gathering data of prospects according to their location, through customizing it with:

  • Radius
  • Country
  • County
  • ZIP Code
  • State Code
  • City
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Target the Suitable Firms

Get to choose from over a thousand different firms with our data. Focus on firms who are to be of your future customers by segmenting them. Develop a database that can act as a catalyst to enhance your sales and marketing cycle. Pick out your targeted firms from these:

  • Governmental organizations
  • Non-governmental organization
  • Corporate companies
  • Small Scale industries
  • Startup companies
  • Partnerships

Firmographic Data Purchase Related FAQ's

Firmographic data is a set of characteristics used to segment companies into defined groups. It enables to target the right audience for the business.

Our firmographic data includes the information of the particular industry you target for your business. Hence, it enables you to connect with audiences who are specifically searching for your products.

Our firmographic data is available in various attributes such as industry, company size, revenue, location, and various other parameters.

Our firmographic data is well verified and organized. Hence, you can instantly use it for omnichannel campaigns. Firmographic data improves the sales and marketing messages along with maximum ROI.

We collect our data from various trusted sources like government records, magazines, business journals, trade shows, webinars, etc. Collected information compiles verified to get optimum results from each campaign.

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