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The Human Resources and Recruitment Services industry outsources human resource and employment placement services to millions of considered employees globally. It involves selecting and placement of permanent and temporary staff, employee leasing, and listing employment vacancies. The industry relies on economic situations in primary businesses, and labor demands extensive to thrive. Our HR and Recruitment Services Email List can support your campaigns to reach the right inboxes in the industry

  • Over the following five years, the industry will profit from changes in developed countries' labor markets and the maintained growth of rising markets
  • Influencing market players is regularly involved in updating and modifying their services to sustain competitiveness, further building new growth possibilities for market extension

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The global HR professional services market size was estimated at USD 2.99 billion; it is anticipated to exhibit a CAGR of 12.4% during the forecast time. The rising choice for automating HR processes and integrating big data analytics and mobile technology into professional services stimulates the market. The HR and Recruitment Services Email List from us can generate quality leads for your business.

  • Revenue Growth 2019-2020: 7.7%
  • The focus HR segment was valued at USD 1.02 billion and is demanded to account for the dominant share in the forecast period's whole market income
  • The IT and telecom division continued the largest market share and was valued at USD 586.7 million

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The U.S. values for over 29.4% of Global Market Size in 2020. The Employment Services market in the U.S. is calculated at US$ 200.3 Billion in the year 2020. The country presently estimates a 29.42% share in the global market.

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HR and Recruitment Services is welcoming businesses to be the part. Connect with the audiences from the industry with the assistance of HR and Recruitment Services Email List to introduce your business to the global market effortlessly.

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