NAICS Code 237990 - Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

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NAICS Code 237990 Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

NAICS Description Count
NAICS Code 237990Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction7,815

NAICS Code 237990 - Companies Database

  • Halliburton Delaware Inc
  • Kiewit Corp
  • R H White Companies Inc
  • Crowder Construction Co
  • Wildish Land Co
  • Snc-Lavalin Constructors Incorporated
  • Brightview Companies LLC
  • Helix Enrgy Slutions Group Inc
  • Global Industries
  • Kokosing Construction Company
  • Dunlap Towing Co
  • Flatiron Holding Inc
  • Cianbro CompaniesKbr Holdings LLC
  • Railworks Corporation
  • Lane Industries Incorporated
  • McDermott Inc
  • Sherwood Construction Co Inc
  • C F Bean, LLC
  • D A Collins Co

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in heavy and engineering construction projects. The work performed may include new work, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and repairs. Specialty trade contractors are included in this group if they are engaged in activities primarily related to engineering construction projects. Construction projects involving water resources, development of marine facilities, and projects involving open space improvement are included in this industry.

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