NAICS Code 334419 - Electronic Component Manufacturing

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NAICS Code 334419 Electronic Component Manufacturing

NAICS Description Count
NAICS Code 334419Electronic Component Manufacturing3,017

NAICS Code 334419 - Companies Database

  • Vertiv Holdings LLC
  • Micron Technology Inc
  • Cree Inc
  • Artesyn North America LLC
  • Txu Energy Services Co LLC
  • Vertiv JV Holdings LLC
  • Infineon Technologies America Corp
  • W L Gore And Associates Inc
  • Control4 Corporate
  • Geospace Technologies Corp
  • Ultralife Corp
  • Artesyn Embedded Tech Inc
  • Howard Transportation Inc
  • Celestica (usa) Inc
  • Tooh Dineh Industries Inc
  • Astec America LLC
  • Carlisle Interconnect Tech Inc
  • Fargo Assembly Company
  • Sanmina Corp
  • Cobham Holdings Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic components (except electron tubes; bare printed circuit boards; semiconductors and related devices; electronic capacitors; electronic resistors; coils, transformers and other inductors; connectors; and loaded printed circuit boards).

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