NAICS Code 44-45 - Retail Trade

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NAICS Code 44-45 Retail Trade

NAICS Code Description Count
NAICS Code 44 - 45 Retail Trade 1,818,112
NAICS Code 4411 Automobile Dealers 106,120
NAICS Code 4412 Other Motor Vehicle Dealers 45,004
NAICS Code 4413 Automotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire Retailers 75,990
NAICS Code 4441 Building Material and Supplies Dealers 86,964
NAICS Code 4442 Lawn and Garden Equipment and Supplies Retailers 18,237
NAICS Code 4451 Grocery and Convenience Retailers 151,736
NAICS Code 4452 Specialty Food Retailers 124,411
NAICS Code 4453 Beer, Wine, and Liquor Retailers 33,655
NAICS Code 4491 Furniture and Home Furnishings Retailers 120,619
NAICS Code 4492 Electronics and Appliance Retailers 77,326
NAICS Code 4551 Department Stores 19,119
NAICS Code 4552 Warehouse Clubs, Supercenters, and Other General Merchandise Retailers 41,576
NAICS Code 4561 Health and Personal Care Retailers 131,399
NAICS Code 4571 Gasoline Stations 63,998
NAICS Code 4572 Fuel Dealers 13,242
NAICS Code 4581 Clothing and Clothing Accessories Retailers 187,700
NAICS Code 4582 Shoe Retailers 18,747
NAICS Code 4583 Jewelry, Luggage, and Leather Goods Retailers 42,343
NAICS Code 4591 Sporting Goods, Hobby, and Musical Instrument Retailers 104,512
NAICS Code 4592 Book Retailers and News Dealers 15,523
NAICS Code 4593 Florists 28,054
NAICS Code 4594 Office Supplies, Stationery, and Gift Retailers 59,505
NAICS Code 4595 Used Merchandise Retailers 38,868
NAICS Code 4599 Other Miscellaneous Retailers 237,710

NAICS Code 44-45 - Companies Database

  • Albertsons Companies Inc
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc
  • Albertsons Inv Holdings LLC
  • Verizon Communications Inc
  • AB Acquisition LLC
  • Chevron Corporation
  • Express Scripts Holding Co
  • Albertsons Companies LLC
  • Lowes Companies Inc
  • Best Buy Co Inc

This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in retailing merchandise, generally without transformation, and rendering services incidental to the sale of merchandise. The retailing process is the final step in the distribution of merchandise; retailers are therefore organized to sell merchandise in small quantities to the general public.

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