NAICS Code 621498 - Outpatient Care Centers

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NAICS Code 621498 Outpatient Care Centers

NAICS Code Description Count
NAICS Code 621498Outpatient Care Centers42,222

NAICS Code 621498 - Companies Database

  • Tender Touch Rehabilitation Services
  • Regent Park Rehabilitation And Healthcare
  • Stepping Stones Club House
  • Acadia Healthcare Company Inc
  • Concentra Operating Corp
  • Scai Holdings LLC
  • US Oncology Inc
  • Hanger Inc
  • Southcentral Foundation
  • Healthsource Extended Care Center
  • Madison Health And Rehabilitation Center
  • Riverview Rehabilitation and Health Center
  • Select Medical Holdings Corp
  • US Oncology Holdings Inc
  • University of Alabama
  • Concentra Health Services Inc
  • Quality Care Rehabilitation
  • Madonna St Jane De Chantal
  • SMA Behavioral Healthcare
  • Richmond Center for Rehab

This American sector consists of facilities with medical personnel who are primarily involved in offering general or specialised outpatient treatment (except family planning centers, outpatient mental health and substance abuse centers, HMO medical centers, kidney dialysis centers, and freestanding ambulatory surgical and emergency centers). This business includes centres or clinics where doctors of medicine and doctors of dental medicine who hold various degrees from different fields of study and work in the same facility.

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