NAICS Code 722330 - Mobile Food Services

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NAICS Code 722330 Mobile Food Services

NAICS Code Description Count
NAICS Code 722330Mobile Food Services6,789

NAICS Code 722330 - Companies Database

  • Treat America MGT Co LLC
  • Brander Enterprises Inc
  • TMI Trading CorpQuality Food Service Management
  • Blue Tiger Coffee Service
  • Vegan Tree Food Truck
  • Kind LLC
  • Crave of KC Food Truck
  • Waitr Holdings Inc
  • Thomas Management LLC
  • Arctic Catering Inc
  • TropiCali Food Truck
  • Hoss Loaded Burger Food Truck
  • Bef Foods Inc
  • Traditions Spirits Inc
  • Blue Apron LLC
  • Fired Up Food Truck
  • Vend Food Services
  • Curbside Food Truck
  • Local Food Truck Seeds Cafe

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in preparing and serving meals and snacks for immediate consumption from motorized vehicles or nonmotorized carts. The establishment is the central location from which the caterer route is serviced, not each vehicle or cart. Included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in providing food services from vehicles, such as hot dog carts, and ice cream trucks.

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