Psychographic Data

Market to Prospects by Knowing their Needs

Align your marketing approach by analyzing the trigger points of your leads. Psychographic Data can be:
psychographic-data access-data-by-interests

47K+ New Purchase Intent Data

Gain Access to Pain Points

Scrutinize the Customer Behavior to increase sale turnovers

Navigate the right audience based on several psychographic parameters and bring down the exact quality leads. Communicate with the audience who are searching and interest in your products and services. Save the resources by connecting with the potential buyers to expand the network and increase the revenue. Get connected with the leads segmented in the following parameters:

Get to know the businesses who are interested to buy your product or services.
Categorize campaigns with recipients who have looked up products or services related to yours
Cater to the pain points of prospects before competitors do

Human verified data for best in class accuracy

access-data-by-interest access-data-by-interests

Focus on the "Interests"

Identify which business is interested in what you have to offer. Take advantage of the pathway carved through our data, where you can find an audience interested in your business.

Here are some interests you can categorize the audience from:
  • Buying habits
  • Media consumption
  • Production
  • Supply
  • Working Module
  • Activities

Allocate data with Search Intent of Your Leads

Find who is exactly looking for what your business can produce and supply. Organize a marketing approach that is based on the search intent of specified businesses in the industry.

Check out the below attributes to choose your data:
  • Search Queries
  • Navigated Searches
  • Commercial Investigation
  • Keyword Intent
  • Transactional Intent
  • Information Intent

Psychographic Data Purchase Related FAQ's

The psychographic data of InfoGlobalData ensure a database on various parameters like values, attitudes, interest, personality traits, and many more.

The psychographic data is collected by rigorous research, through surveys, and search intents of the customers.

The psychographic data of InfoGlobalData assist you to target audiences with specific interests, needs, and values. A targeted omnichannel campaign enables one to gain maximum results.

We ensure you the verified and comprehensive psychographic data for you to achieve your marketing goals.

Yes. It is possible to generate a multichannel campaign with psychographic data.

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