SIC Code 5099 - Durable Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified

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SIC Code 5099 - Industries Database

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 5099 Durable Goods, Nec 46,353
SIC Code 509900 Durable goods, nec 30,599
SIC Code 50990000 Durable goods, nec 30,599
SIC Code 509901 Firearms and ammunition, except sporting 1,926
SIC Code 50990100 Firearms and ammunition, except sporting 1,680
SIC Code 50990101 Ammunition, except sporting 82
SIC Code 50990102 Firearms, except sporting 100
SIC Code 50990103 Machine guns 64
SIC Code 509902 Wood and wood by-products 2,468
SIC Code 50990200 Wood and wood by-products 1,078
SIC Code 50990201 Cordwood 4
SIC Code 50990202 Cork products, fabricated 18
SIC Code 50990203 Firewood 824
SIC Code 50990204 Logs, hewn ties, posts, and poles 67
SIC Code 50990205 Pulpwood 85
SIC Code 50990206 Roundwood 5
SIC Code 50990207 Shavings, wood 29
SIC Code 50990208 Timber products, rough 326
SIC Code 50990209 Wood chips 32
SIC Code 509903 Safety equipment and supplies 2,103
SIC Code 50990300 Safety equipment and supplies 1,256
SIC Code 50990301 Fire extinguishers 621
SIC Code 50990302 Lifesaving and survival equipment (non-medical) 109
SIC Code 50990303 Locks and lock sets 78
SIC Code 50990304 Reflective road markers 17
SIC Code 50990305 Fireproof clothing 22
SIC Code 509904 Children's carriages, strollers, and restraint seats 133
SIC Code 50990400 Children's carriages, strollers, and restraint seats 20
SIC Code 50990401 Baby carriages, strollers and related products 102
SIC Code 50990402 Child restraint seats, automotive 11
SIC Code 509905 Video and audio equipment 961
SIC Code 50990500 Video and audio equipment 622
SIC Code 50990501 Compact discs 170
SIC Code 50990502 Phonograph records 49
SIC Code 50990503 Tapes and cassettes, prerecorded 50
SIC Code 50990504 Video cassettes, accessories and supplies 70
SIC Code 509906 Musical instruments 1,913
SIC Code 50990600 Musical instruments 261
SIC Code 50990601 Musical instruments parts and accessories 109
SIC Code 50990602 Pianos 1,543
SIC Code 509907 Antiques, souvenirs, and novelties 2,574
SIC Code 50990700 Antiques, souvenirs, and novelties 226
SIC Code 50990701 Antiques 1,549
SIC Code 50990702 Novelties, durable 500
SIC Code 50990703 Souvenirs 299
SIC Code 509908 Coin-operated machines and mechanisms 96
SIC Code 50990800 Coin-operated machines and mechanisms 30
SIC Code 50990801 Game machines, coin-operated 58
SIC Code 50990802 Mechanisms for coin operated machines 8
SIC Code 509999 Durable goods, nec, nec 3,580
SIC Code 50999901 Brass goods 592
SIC Code 50999902 Carrying cases 45
SIC Code 50999903 Containers: glass, metal or plastic 208
SIC Code 50999904 Gas lighting fixtures 13
SIC Code 50999905 Luggage 230
SIC Code 50999906 Luminous products (non-electrical) 22
SIC Code 50999907 Maple sap tubing systems 6
SIC Code 50999908 Monuments and grave markers 95
SIC Code 50999909 Portraits 914
SIC Code 50999910 Robots, service or novelty 51
SIC Code 50999911 Rubber stamps 87
SIC Code 50999912 Signs, except electric 522
SIC Code 50999913 Sunglasses 345
SIC Code 50999914 Tanning salon equipment and supplies 124
SIC Code 50999915 Toilets, portable 96
SIC Code 50999916 Flag poles 41
SIC Code 50999917 Crystal goods 97
SIC Code 50999918 Mobile home parts and accessories 92

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SIC Code 5099 - Companies Database

  • Labconco Corp
  • East Penn Manufacturing Co Inc
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Berry Global
  • E And J Gallo Winery
  • Mannington Mills Inc
  • Technicolor
  • Nestle Purina Pet Care Co
  • Carpenter Technology Corp
  • Schaeffler Group USA Inc
  • Waste Management Inc
  • Beaulieu of America, LLC
  • Smithfield Foods Inc
  • Lozier Corp

Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of durable goods, not elsewhere classified, such as musical instruments and forest products, except lumber.

Few of the SIC Code 5099 industries and contacts are mentioned below

  • SIC Code 5099 - Durable Goods
  • Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Cork Sheet Suppliers
  • Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturers
  • SIC Code Pulpwood Suppliers
  • Baby Carriages and Strollers Suppliers
  • Video and Audio Recording Equipment Suppliers
  • Timber and Timber Products Manufacturing Company
  • SIC Code Musical Instruments and Accessories
  • Tanning Salon Equipment and Supplies
  • SIC Code Audio & Video Player Accessories
  • Antique Dealers and Stores email list
  • Machine Guns Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Childrens Carriages, Strollers, and Restraint Seats Mailing List
  • Coin-Operated Game Machines Suppliers
  • Kiln Dried Firewood Manufacturing Industry
  • Rough Timber Products Manufacturers
  • Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers
  • SIC Code Sporting and Recreational Goods Suppliers
  • Heavy Machine Guns Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • SIC Code Mobile Home Parts and Accessories
  • SIC Code Safety Equipment and Supplies
  • Prerecorded Audio Tapes Manufacturing Company
  • SIC Code Wood and Wood-Based Products
  • Cork Products Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • SIC Code Monuments and Grave Markers Suppliers

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