SIC Code 5963 - Direct Selling Establishments

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SIC Code 5963 - Industries Database

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 5963 Direct Selling Establishments 34,500
SIC Code 596300 Direct selling establishments 4,173
SIC Code 59630000 Direct selling establishments 4,173
SIC Code 596301 Beverage services, direct sales 6,936
SIC Code 59630100 Beverage services, direct sales 1,796
SIC Code 59630101 Bottled water delivery 4,969
SIC Code 59630102 Coffee, soda, beer, etc: house-to
-house sales
SIC Code 59630103 Milk delivery 52
SIC Code 596302 Food services, direct sales 6,789
SIC Code 59630200 Food services, direct sales 3,771
SIC Code 59630201 Bakery goods, house-to-house 608
SIC Code 59630202 Dairy products, house-to-house 17
SIC Code 59630203 Food service, coffee-cart 119
SIC Code 59630204 Food service, mobile, except coffee-cart 1,485
SIC Code 59630205 Ice cream wagon 97
SIC Code 59630206 Lunch wagon 46
SIC Code 59630207 Snacks, direct sales 646
SIC Code 596303 Encyclopedias and publications,
direct sales
SIC Code 59630300 Encyclopedias and publications,
direct sales
SIC Code 59630301 Book sales, house-to-house 83
SIC Code 59630302 Encyclopedias, house-to-house 6
SIC Code 59630303 Magazine subscriptions, house-to-house 86
SIC Code 59630304 Newspapers, home delivery, not by printers
or publishers
SIC Code 596304 Home related products, direct sales 2,610
SIC Code 59630400 Home related products, direct sales 2,262
SIC Code 59630401 Appliance sales, house-to-house 83
SIC Code 59630402 Drapes and curtains, house-to-house 12
SIC Code 59630403 Furnishings, including furniture,
SIC Code 59630404 Houseware sales, house-to-house 78
SIC Code 59630405 Vacuum cleaner sales, house-to-house 74
SIC Code 596399 Direct selling establishments, nec 13,652
SIC Code 59639901 Canvassers 32
SIC Code 59639902 Clothing sales, house-to-house 2,927
SIC Code 59639903 Cosmetic sales, house-to-house 5,216
SIC Code 59639904 Direct sales, telemarketing 1,066
SIC Code 59639905 Jewelry sales, house-to-house 345
SIC Code 59639906 Lingerie sales, house-to-house 1,343
SIC Code 59639907 Party-plan merchandising 2,723

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SIC Code 5963 - Companies Database

  • Neogen Corp
  • Hostmark Hospitality Group
  • Wellington
  • Blue Apron Holdings Inc
  • Aramark Higher Education
  • Canteen Vending Services
  • Sodexo
  • Gate Gourmet Division Americas
  • Frosty Acres Brands
  • Edp Enterprises Inc
  • Metroplex Sportservice
  • Aramark Corp
  • Aramark Fontana Food Services
  • Latrelle's Express Inc

Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of merchandise by telephone; by house-to-house canvass; or from trucks or wagons or other temporary locations. Included in this industry are individuals who sell products by these methods and who are not employees of the organization which they represent, and establishments which are retail sales offices from which employees operate to sell merchandise from door-to-door.

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  • SIC Code 5963 - Direct Selling Establishments
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  • Dairy Products Home Delivery
  • Direct Selling Organizations Contact Database
  • SIC Code Bakery foods Supply
  • Purchased Milk Home Delivery
  • SIC Code Door-To-Door Selling of Coffee, Soda, Beer, and Bottled Water
  • House-to-House Clothing Sales
  • SIC Code Retail Lunch Wagons
  • House-to-House Selling Magazines
  • SIC Code Milk Delivery and Sale of Purchased Milk
  • Newspapers Home Delivery
  • House-to-House Cosmetic Sales
  • Magazine Subscription Sales Contact Database
  • Ice Cream Wagons
  • Direct Sales Telemarketing
  • House-to-House Jewelry Sales
  • Vacuum Cleaner Sales
  • SIC Code Direct Sales of Home Related Products
  • Food Service Management Industry Database

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