SIC Code 7221 - Photographic Studios, Portrait

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SIC Code 7221 - Industries Database

SIC Code 7221 Photographic Studios, Portrait 87,963
SIC Code 722100 Photographic studios, portrait 4,982
SIC Code 72210000 Photographic studios, portrait 4,982
SIC Code 722199 Photographic studios, portrait, nec 82,981
SIC Code 72219901 Home photographer 210
SIC Code 72219902 Passport photographer 81
SIC Code 72219903 Photographer, still or video 82,521
SIC Code 72219904 School photographer 80
SIC Code 72219905 Transient photographer 89

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SIC Code 7221 - Companies Database

  • RGB Ventures, LLC
  • Half Yard Productions, LLC
  • Shutterstock Inc
  • Nikon Inc
  • Candid Color Systems
  • Andrew Collings Photography
  • Lifetouch Lab National School Studios Inc
  • Advanced Photographic
  • Lifetouch
  • J C Penney Portraits
  • Adorama Camera Inc
  • General Data Co Inc
  • Glamour Shots Licensing Inc
  • TSS Photography
  • Zenger Group
  • Portrait Innovations Inc
  • Jones Photo Inc
  • Complete Weddings And Events
  • Software Professionals Inc
  • A Briggs Passport And Visa

Establishments primarily engaged in still or video portrait photography for the general public. Establishments primarily engaged in commercial photography are classified in Industry 7335; those engaged in video tape production other than portrait are classified in Industry 7812; and those engaged in film developing or print processing for the trade or for the general public are classified in Industry 7384. Establishments primarily engaged in processing film for the motion picture production industry are classified in Industry 7819, and those engaged in computer photography are classified in Industry 7299.

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