InfoGlobalData Competitors and Alternatives to Consider


InfoGlobalData is, without a doubt, one of the market's leading data providers. It provides clients with the highest accuracy and deliverability rate, averaging 90-95%. However, Maintaining a consistent pipeline requires a significant amount of resources and relies significantly on continual communication between the marketer and the sales staff. As a result, many businesses are outsourcing portions of their demand acquisition to alternative data suppliers.The increased demand for B2B leads has resulted in a significant expansion in the number of organizations offering lead-generation services. Because the business lead provider environment is now so diverse, the quality of services varies per provider.So, how can you be sure you're speaking with a provider who offers the service you need?

Don’t Worry! We've compiled a list of the best Alternatives to InfoGlobalData to get you started on your quest.

What does InfoGlobalData stand for?

InfoGlobalData is a leading data provider in the current market with an accuracy rate of 90%. It provides firms of all sizes and types access to the specialized services and databases required to clean, validate, rectify, and improve their marketing contact lists. They use skilled data specialists who use cutting-edge technology, daily-updated data, and optimized algorithms to produce competent data outputs for their clients. The data is constantly updated and comes from a variety of reliable sources, including 16k+ credible sources.


InfoGlobalData, a privately held company with over ten years of expertise and satellite sales offices across the country, has the proven capabilities to handle email and digital campaigns from start to finish. They can provide you with data and insights and address updating services to improve your customer database. They can also provide you with world-class management capabilities for streamlining projects, as well as multi-channel marketing solutions, including customer life cycle management, to improve your customer communications.

You may use their data to discover customer insights, anticipate future behavior, and deliver better accountability using customer analytics and predictive analytics to develop interactive dialogues. The leadership team at InfoGlobalData has the knowledge and experience to create and implement strategic solutions that significantly minimize your cost per acquisition.

How did InfoGlobalData Become the best in the Business?

Clients from all around the world choose InfoGlobalData for a variety of reasons. They have a track record of managing postal communications for large and small enterprises throughout the United States. Furthermore, IfnoGlobalData offers numerous other value-added services, such as:

  • A dedicated team of experts to handle design, preparation, campaign, delivery and marketing data management.
  • The most recent technology and administration capabilities to improve the flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy of your entire company data.
  • Committed to safeguarding the personal information of present and potential business partners, investment professionals, and their clients.
  • Customization, Data replacement, and Unlimited Usage are all included in the numerous benefits they offer.

To have a clear understanding, let’s look at the advantages you’ll receive when employing InfoGlobalData’s business data:

1. Global Approach

InfoGlobalData is used by hundreds of worldwide businesses and agencies to support their multi-channel marketing campaigns. Their global network of regional offices and local expertise contribute crucially to the success of their solutions for both local and multinational enterprises.

2. Flexibility

Every customer is unique. As a result, InfoGlobalData employs data professionals who concentrate solely on specific solutions and services tailored to your needs, ensuring that you receive your personalized solution in weeks rather than months.

3. Focused on Innovation

InfoGlobalData is constantly improving its goods and services to be the market leader in multi-channel marketing solutions. Over 30% of its revenue is invested in R&D, which is more than double that of its closest competitors.

4. Customized Data

One of the many benefits marketers want from their data is the flexibility to customize their data based on their campaign needs. At InfoGlobalData, your marketing requirements may be fulfilled as they offer 35+ data attributes to customize your data befitting your campaign.

Top 5 Best Competitors & Alternatives To InfoGlobalData

Looking for the best B2B Contact Data provider besides InfoGlobalData? Take a look at the list below, where we have compiled some of the best b2b data providers competing on the same level as InfoGlobalData.

1. Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sophisticated sales tool that assists sales teams, businesses, and individuals in the development and maintenance of client connections on the network. You may target the right buyers, learn crucial insights, and engage in tailored outreach using sales navigator. It assists businesses in generating leads on LinkedIn by allowing you to simply locate and connect with your target audience in just a few clicks. It is regarded as the greatest version of LinkedIn for anyone interested in sales prospecting, owing to the numerous features created specifically for this purpose.


Source: Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sophisticated sales tool that assists sales teams, businesses, and individuals in the development and maintenance of client connections on the network. You may target the right buyers, learn crucial insights, and engage in tailored outreach using sales navigator. It assists businesses in generating leads on LinkedIn by allowing you to simply locate and connect with your target audience in just a few clicks. It is regarded as the greatest version of LinkedIn for anyone interested in sales prospecting, owing to the numerous features created specifically for this purpose.

Sales Navigator, which is available in three packages (Professional, Team, and Enterprise), is not cheap, especially for many small business owners. However, it does provide a 30-day free trial to help you decide whether the technology is worth investing in or not.

Why Choose Linkedin Sales Navigator?

As previously said, LinkedIn Sales Navigator includes a bevy of capabilities that many organizations and sales representatives would find valuable. These include:

Lead Builder - Lead Builder is a useful LinkedIn function that allows you to easily reach out to your target audience by limiting down users in Search using critical filters such as keyword, region, Industry Company, Seniority level, Title, Function, and more.

Save as Lead - After conducting a targeted search to locate your best prospects, repeating the process is not only inconvenient but also a waste of your valuable time. However, Save as Lead eliminates the need to repeat the process by offering you the choice to save your search as Leads in a different section of your dashboard. This means you'll have all of your leads in one convenient area, with the added benefit of receiving regular updates on these users.

InMails - InMails are probably something you've heard of. These are private messages that you can send to any user on the platform, including those with whom you are not linked. InMails are only available to premium accounts and Sales Navigator users, and there is a monthly restriction based on your account type( Mostly 50/m).

CRM Integration - It is another useful feature of Sales Navigator that allows you to connect your LinkedIn account to two popular CRM platforms, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. This means you may now complete your responsibilities without switching between your CRM system and Sales Navigator.

2. Bookyourdata is a game changer in the direct marketing industry. With their own contact list-builder tool, a first in the industry, you can filter, order, and download an email database with a few simple clicks and reach out to your targeted leads. They provide services at incredibly low prices and have the industry's best price-to-quality ratio. Customers typically use their mailing lists for a variety of direct marketing purposes. Their goal is to supply clean, highly qualified contact lists for which they collaborate with ISPs and ESPs to keep their email databases current.



Why Choose Bookyourdata?, unlike its competitors, does not supply a complex mailing list; instead, they provide real data files ready to be integrated into your CRM program. This, however, is not the only reason to prefer over InfoGlobalData. There are numerous other advantages that make one of the market leaders.

Guaranteed Results - Bookyourdata not only claims to produce excellent, dependable data; they also guarantee it! Few competitors provide a 95% deliverability guarantee, a bounce-back promise, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Community relations - The crew works hard to serve their communities in many different ways. They make sure that they give back, whether supporting volunteer programs or actively giving to big non-profit institutions.

Premium Database - Bookyourdata is all about connecting the appropriate individuals, so whether you need a business, executive, or physician email list, the company offers the quality data you require. They ensure accurate and up-to-date premium contacts at a low cost.

3. Data Axle USA

Data Axle uses data, technology, and services to help organizations make and save money. Thousands of businesses, ranging from small mom-and-pop stores to multinational corporations, collaborate with Data Axle to improve data-driven decision-making in order to extend their capabilities, drive real-time business information, and develop their business. Whatever your objectives are, Data Axle can assist you in achieving and exceeding them.


Source: Data Axle

Why Choose Data Axle?

Data Axle has been the market leader for more than 50 years. It has gained some of the leading technology, data compilation, and media services companies, constructed hundreds of products, established dozens of services, and enlarged its team. They are bringing together all of their strengths and expertise into a single firm and platform, making it easier than ever for their clients to efficiently use their data, technology, and services to build their businesses.

Acquisition Data Axle combines data, analytics, consultancy, and campaign execution to assist you in acquiring lucrative new clients on a continuous basis.

Retention - The company's retention solutions employ its data and services to reduce attrition rates, boost lifetime value, and promote lifelong loyalty.

Intelligence - The data and services assist you in accelerating learning opportunities that increase business performance and deepen insights.

Data licensing - Companies of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500, license their data to run search engines, provide point-of-interest data, manage risk, and do a variety of other things.

3. UpLead

As a B2B data provider tool, Uplead guarantees 95% data accuracy. You can conduct a contact search to locate prospects by name or URL. It includes the company name, title, phone number, email address, and social media accounts. Their database contains 91,519,089 contacts and 14,333,460 global firms, with data accuracy guaranteed at 95%. Each extra monthly credit costs $0.60 (on our Essentials plan), $0.50 (on their Plus plan), and $0.40 (on their Premium plan), and $0.40 (on their Professional plan). The company provides a five-credit free trial. The Essentials plan costs $74 a month and includes 2,040 credits.


Source: UpLead

Why Choose UpLead?

UpLead wants to keep clients for the long term, not only sign new ones. Building trust from the start is critical to attaining this goal. When you click to receive a prospect's email address in UpLead, it is verified in real-time to ensure its accuracy. This means having cleaner lists, fewer bounces, and spending more time speaking with genuine leads. If a lead isn't squeaky clean by the time UpLead's quality assurance team is done with it, it doesn't make it into the product. That is, you will not have to deal with it. See some of its perks below:

  • Uplead claims that their data is 95% reliable and will refund your credits if they are unable to locate the correct email addresses.
  • It is a simple tool that provides real-time leads in the form of a list.
  • Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Outreach, Mailshake, and other CRM and sales platforms are supported.
  • You may enrich contacts, emails, and companies using data enrichment features.
  • They do not include unverified data, which improves accuracy.

  • 5. ZoomInfo

    ZoomInfo, powered by DiscoverOrg, processes over 50 million contact events per day, analyzes over 38 million internet sources and employs over 300 data scientists. The company has combined an innovative suite of software solutions with rich, high-quality data to revolutionize and empower modern sales teams and go-to-market organizations. The united firm serves approximately 15,000 customers and 120,000 users in over 100 countries, making it a reliable provider for many.

    B2B teams rely on precise firmographic, technographic, contact, and intent data regardless of industry or size. The acquisition of ZoomInfo by DiscoverOrg created new benchmarks in B2B intelligence and provided customers with b2b data of the highest grade, quantity, and insight.


    Source: ZoomInfo

    Why Choose ZoomInfo?

    ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg has transformed and enabled modern sales teams and go-to-market businesses by combining an innovative array of software tools with deep, high-quality data. For more than a decade, ZoomInfo has enabled globally recognized organizations such as Accenture, Dell, and PayPal to achieve their most crucial goal: profitable growth. DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo have joined forces to provide the most actionable and accurate business analytics available today.

    Perks of ZoomInfo:

    Modern Go-to-Market Platform - The ZoomInfo portfolio of modern go-to-market tools, analytics, and intelligence helps sales, marketing, and recruiting teams find opportunities and hit their numbers through insight-driven interaction.

    High Accuracy - ZoomInfo offers 90% deliverability rate and has the highest data correctness and relevancy. With it, you can always target the proper inbox; channel your campaign efforts to maximize your business results.

    Flexibility - Advanced segmentation and lead management tools might assist you in increasing conversions.


    While emailing an executive may appear to be a lucrative idea at first, it can quickly become a challenging chore. To avoid spam, some executive email addresses may be unique and cryptic, and they may be difficult to reach. The simplest way to ensure you're reaching the appropriate people is to use a permission-based contact list of CEOs. Contact the most trustworthy data provider in your area, confirm its reliability, and then purchase an accurate CEO mailing list. Alternatively, if you have the time and money, you can build an in-house database that produces the greatest outcomes over time. Nevertheless, we hope that this article helped you in finding the right email address for your marketing campaign.

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