SIC Code 5941 - Sporting Goods Stores and Bicycle Shops

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SIC Code 5941 - Industries Database

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 5941 Sporting Goods and Bicycle Shops 55,498
SIC Code 594100 Sporting goods and bicycle shops 11,781
SIC Code 59410000 Sporting goods and bicycle shops 11,781
SIC Code 594101 Fishing equipment 4,960
SIC Code 59410100 Fishing equipment 675
SIC Code 59410101 Bait and tackle 4,263
SIC Code 59410102 Fish finders and other electronic fishing equipment 22
SIC Code 594102 Hunting equipment 16,689
SIC Code 59410200 Hunting equipment 404
SIC Code 59410201 Ammunition 787
SIC Code 59410202 Firearms 15,498
SIC Code 594103 Golf, tennis, and ski shops 3,925
SIC Code 59410300 Golf, tennis, and ski shops 82
SIC Code 59410301 Golf goods and equipment 2,782
SIC Code 59410302 Skiing equipment 752
SIC Code 59410303 Tennis goods and equipment 309
SIC Code 594104 Exercise equipment 714
SIC Code 59410400 Exercise equipment 637
SIC Code 59410401 Gymnasium equipment, nec 63
SIC Code 59410402 Trampolines and equipment 14
SIC Code 594105 Water sport equipment 2,252
SIC Code 59410500 Water sport equipment 222
SIC Code 59410501 Skin diving, scuba equipment and supplies 1,558
SIC Code 59410502 Surfing equipment and supplies 418
SIC Code 59410503 Windsurfing and sailboarding equipment 54
SIC Code 594106 Camping and backpacking equipment 556
SIC Code 59410600 Camping and backpacking equipment 173
SIC Code 59410601 Backpacking equipment 108
SIC Code 59410602 Camping equipment 275
SIC Code 594107 Team sports equipment 739
SIC Code 59410700 Team sports equipment 242
SIC Code 59410701 Baseball equipment 71
SIC Code 59410702 Basketball equipment 17
SIC Code 59410703 Football equipment 12
SIC Code 59410704 Hockey equipment, except skates 118
SIC Code 59410705 Soccer supplies 279
SIC Code 594199 Sporting goods and bicycle shops, nec 13,882
SIC Code 59419901 Archery supplies 1,310
SIC Code 59419902 Bicycle and bicycle parts 7,398
SIC Code 59419903 Bowling equipment and supplies 282
SIC Code 59419904 Martial arts equipment and supplies 139
SIC Code 59419905 Playground equipment 350
SIC Code 59419906 Pool and billiard tables 301
SIC Code 59419907 Saddlery and equestrian equipment 1,259
SIC Code 59419908 Skateboarding equipment 308
SIC Code 59419909 Skating equipment 128
SIC Code 59419910 Specialty sport supplies, nec 2,407

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SIC Code 5941 - Companies Database

  • Performance Bicycle
  • Dick's Sporting Goods Inc
  • Academy Sports + Outdoors
  • Recreational Equipment Inc
  • Trek Bicycle Corp
  • Sig Sauer
  • Columbia Sportswear Company
  • Retail Concepts
  • Modell's Sporting Goods Inc
  • QubicaAMF Inc
  • Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp
  • Beretta USA
  • Wilson Sporting Goods Co
  • Quiksilver Inc

Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of sporting goods, sporting equipment, and bicycles, bicycle parts, and accessories. Retail establishments primarily engaged in selling motorized bicycles are classified in Industry 5571, and those engaged in the retail sale of athletic footwear are classified in Industry 5661. Establishments primarily engaged in repairing bicycles are classified in Services, Industry 7699, and those renting bicycles are classified in Industry 7999.

Few of the SIC Code 5941 industries and contacts are mentioned below

  • SIC Code 5941 - Sporting Goods Stores and Bicycle Shops
  • Backpacking, Hiking, and Mountaineering Equipment Stores
  • SIC Code Bait and Tackle Shops
  • Bicycle and Bicycle Parts Dealers
  • Bowling Equipment and Supplies
  • SIC Code Retail Camping Equipment
  • Retail Exercise Apparatus
  • SIC Code Retail Firearms
  • SIC Code Fishing Equipment
  • Golf Goods and Equipment
  • Golf Professionals Operating Stores
  • Gymnasium Equipment Suppliers
  • SIC Code Hunters Equipment
  • Playground Equipment
  • Pool and Billiards Table Stores
  • Riding Goods and Equipment
  • SIC Code Saddlery Stores
  • Retail Skiing Equipment
  • SIC Code Retail Ammunition
  • Skin Diving and Scuba Equipment
  • SIC Code Sporting Goods Stores
  • Tennis Goods and Equipment

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