How a Leading Manufacturing Company Cut through a Crowded Market with 37% Increase in Sales

Client Overview

Client is a global leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing of automotive, commercial and industrial market components. Specialized in broad spectrum of technologies and delivering high quality products to the automotive industry.

Client uses InfoGlobalData to identify decision makers in their highest value B2B verticals in the automotive industry such as dealers, companies, executives and others.



The company plans to increase sales pipeline by 25% and qualified conversion rate to 18%. To achieve this, Client plans to provide more relevant and personalized offers to their best prospects in an attempt to increase conversion rates.

But client needed more accurate data and prospects to reach those who are likely to purchase their products or services. Client spent time on valuable tasks like updating their leads, chasing down contact information but not enough to reach their campaign goals.

Client selected InfoGlobalData as their solution provider. The client reviewed InfoGlobalData and compared to other service providers on the market.

"The results were clear: InfoGlobalData was the best fit. Several things set InfoGlobalData apart from other solutions in client eyes."


InfoGlobalData has made concrete improvements to Client marketing strategy. We help them to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Short-term, Client uses InfoGlobalData to supply their teams with new quality leads. Long-term, Client uses InfoGlobalData to build sustainable sales pipeline, reach best prospects and make sales more predictable.

We provided with customized database based on client requirements and up-to-date contact information.

As per the client requirement InfoGlobalData:
  • Analyzed each lead's fit and behavioral data
  • Listed ideal customer profile to reach the highest-value prospects most likely to buy
  • Provided data based on which product should pitch to each target based on the prospect interest (data segmentation)


  • 38% Increase on Sales Pipeline
  • 27% Increase on Conversion Rate
  • Enhanced Marketing ROI with High-Quality Leads