How InfoGlobalData Helps a Leading Technology Services Provider to Increase its Sales

Client Overview

The client is a leading provider of IT Services and network support to help clients innovate and improve IT operations. They are leader in delivering the services to organizations across the U.S., and around the world. Their vision is to gain deep expertise about the most relevant technologies to keep their clients moving forward.



Technology change is a fact of life. With the continued growth of technology users client was encountered problems to reach the right audience with their services, this made them spend a lot of time on marketing database which is not accurate enough to get the minimum results. The client needed accurate data on leads and prospects to identify those who are likely to purchase their products or services. Accurate and up-to-date data will enable better segmentation, highly targeted campaigns and of course increase response rates as well as conversions.

"InfoGlobalData free trial was important to us in making our decision. It allowed us to test the data to make sure it would serve our purposes"


The client did a lot of research around to get to InfoGlobalData. They started the process in 2016 and ultimately became customer in 2017. The key factors in selecting us were ease of implementation and services like offering customized data based on requirements.

Quality Data with High Match Rates:

We evaluated the client database and delivered the data with 78% match rate using our data appending services.

Targeted Mailing Lists:

InfoGlobalData has built and segmented a highly targeted database based on client requirement which is aimed to deliver 43% more ROI.


  • 90% Data Accuracy
  • 38% Increase in ROI
  • 24% Increase in Website Traffic

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