Email Append is a process that allows a business and marketing professionals to reach more potential audience with accurate and deliverable emails, resulting in a successful and cost-effective email marketing campaign. It is also known as a email marketing method that involves taking known customer data (first name, last name, and postal address) and matching it against a vendor's database to obtain email address.

At its best, email appending allows businesses to keep their database up-to-date and enables them to reach the right industry leaders, in addition, it will save your valuable time and resources.

Marketers had experienced an average of 35% increase in their ROI by appending their database. But there’s a problem; most people don’t know how to do it right. So in the interest of furthering email appending best practices and helping you to start a successful marketing campaign, let’s talk about how a clean and accurate database can help your business.

The Value of your Data

Email Marketing has the highest response rates when compared with different marketing channels, also email has high conversion rate (64 %.) than any other marketing channels.

If you can imagine that each list in your database is worth a set value, say $7, then you can understand immediately how losing several hundred could be dangerous to your bottom line.

How Email Appending Works?

Email appending is simple and virtually risk-free. You send the names and postal addresses of your customers to InfoGlobalData and we add missing email addresses and return the enhanced list to you.

To further increase your results, we also offer a domain pattern matching process. This program will first identify the email domain for the company listed on your input file. Then using reference databases, the program will identify the email naming convention for that company (i.e.: firstname.lastname@ or firstname@). Once the naming convention has been determined, the email address for your business customer is output.

After completion of the entire program, the enhanced file is returned to you. You're now ready to increase your results by taking advantage of multi-channel marketing strategies.

The results of email appending can be dramatic. Customers have increased the size of their email lists by 30% on average, and the results can be as high as 50%. Some customers have increased their number of email addresses. A free match test will show you how many email addresses you can add.

Email Appending Best Practices

One of the key performance indicators is to use quality data to reach the target audience. This technique will lead to a successful marketing campaign. This data appending practice increases the value of the list through which, you will have the capacity to reach your target prospects and connect with them effortlessly. It guarantees that only dynamic and valid email addresses are new to your database.

Although several businesses or marketers rarely run appending jobs, Email Appending has a higher possibility to go out of date. This is where marketers ought to be more careful and reject clients who aren’t using or haven’t updated Email Append Data lately. I would recommend every venture who is hoping to invest in email acquisition to often run appending employments on new information.

InfoGlobalData Provides Free Match Test and Premium Email Appending Services

Appending your Email Database helps you to stand ahead of your competitors by delivering your emails to the right inbox, at the right time. This practice will guarantee that the dynamic email clients with right prospect have gotten your messages. As a result, explore the capability of your current contact through email appending.

Benefits of Appending your Email Database

  • 100% Opt-in Database
  • High match rates
  • Pay only for successfully appended and delivered email addresses
  • Minimize expenditures
  • Safeguard your sender track record
  • Maximize your ROI

Email Appending is a potent source of revenues, leads, and customers you could be accruing today don’t let the success of your marketing be limited by the size of your email database. If you haven’t considered email enhancement in the past, it’s time to append your data now.

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