Email marketing is one of the major marketing channels. Yet it can be one of the most powerful and efficient ways to reach customers. For B2B marketers it’s an especially effective channel of communication for reaching and engaging your customers. These are the four major benefits that marketers can get by purchased mailing lists from InfoGlobalData.

1. List Segmentation

List segmentation is a great way to make a campaign unique. Your ability to send your email to a specific location, customer persona, industry, etc. can enable you to tailor your message at a personal level. In order for the personalization and segmentation to work, you have to have accurate data, so it’s important to manage your contact information before loading to ensure accuracy. A leading mailing data provider can always take special measures for segmenting email database based on your marketing campaigns. So, it is recommended to purchase database based on segments as it yields great ROI for marketers. Take it a step further, email marketing can utilize automation tools that can create follow-ups to these segments based on opens and clicks, without you having to even lift a finger and create a new campaign.

2. Highly Targeted

One major benefit of direct marketing database is, as that it is highly targeted. A b2b marketer can purchase mailing lists of potential customers through a mailing list provider such the InfoGlobalData. For example, a small dental equipment supplier can order lists of dentists who buy dental equipment or health products in the market. One can then prepare a direct mailing in hopes of getting these customers to shop their products.

3. Highly Measurable

You can strategize until you’re ready with your accurate email database, but when it comes to email marketing, how do you know if your efforts are eliciting a high return on investment?

Of course, email inherently reveals calculable results via open and click-through rates. You know who opened your email, at what time of day, on what device, and on which email platform. Add in the strategic abilities audience identity technology affords and you are primed for an ROI boost.

4. Instant Results with Clean, Accurate and Complete Data

From the moment you hit “send” with a segmented and highly-targeted database, the process starts and you can begin seeing the results. The entire process – sends, open, engage and respond – can take place in a matter of seconds. This gives emails a huge advantage over non-segmented campaigns, which may not even be delivered to a customer for days. The ability to track your email campaign’s data is instant as well, so you know as soon as your recipients open your email, and which hyperlinks they clicked on, so you can follow up accordingly.

Believe it or not, data with incomplete information is not a good sign for data quality. A complete data must avoid duplicate data, merge duplicate entries, should fill missing data. Accuracy is the correctness of a data value within a limited context such as verification by an authoritative reference (i.e., validity) combined with the correctness of a valid data value within an extensive context including other data as well as business processes (i.e., accuracy). A clean, accurate and complete data should always benefit marketers with their campaign success.

So we know being relevant and having great opt-in marketing database is everything when it comes to email marketing campaigns and the key to this is a well-segmented database. Purchased Mailing Lists are a great choice for marketers as it saves marketing efforts and costs to reach prospects. So reach InfoGlobalData a leading b2b email list provider that maximizes your marketing ROI.

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